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Storm Shelter

If severe weather is coming and you need to take shelter, head to the City's Storm Shelter located by the swimming pool in the bathhouse (705 West Main Street).


When a Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Watch, or Tornado Warning is issued for Union County, South Dakota, the Site Coordinator will activate the South Dakota State Alert system, inform persons of the watch or warning and recommend they take shelter in either the Community Safe Room or a secondary shelter area at their discretion.

The site coordinator will be responsible for opening the community safe room during severe weather. The Beresford Community Safe Room is the pool bathhouse in Bulow Park, located on West Main Street, between 8th Avenue and 11th Avenue. Permanent exterior signage, in both text and graphic format, at the safe room identifies the facility as a tornado shelter., as well as a red light that will be illuminated on the outside of the building.  Interior signage posted within the safe room provides the information that is necessary and appropriate for adequate safe room operations.  The population protected in the safe room includes the residents within a half-mile radius of the Community Safe Room. The maximum occupancy of the facility is 310 people.

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