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Beresford Community Ambulance Service

Mission Statement

"To provide compassionate quality care and service, built around the needs of the patients and communities we serve"

Vision Statement

"To be the preferred EMS provider in the eyes of our community"

Our service provides basic life support to the citizens of Beresford, SD and the surrounding area.  We conduct assessment and intervention when necessary to save lives and ensure that patients are transported to the hospital as quickly as safely possible. 

Our service uses volunteers that are effectively trained to function in one of three primary roles.

  1. Emergency Medical Technician

  2. Registered Nurse

  3. Driver

Our process.

  1. An individual expresses interest in volunteering by completing an application

  2. Our staff members review the application and contact the candidate to verify eligibility and conduct a brief interview.  When we make contact, we will arrange a “ride-along” so that the interested individual can see how we operate firsthand. 

  3. The application is presented for consideration at our Monthly ambulance meeting.

  4. If the application is approved, the volunteer will be introduced to the team and oriented to how we operate. 

Our orientation process is designed to be a stepwise procedure to become familiar with both the equipment we use and how we respond to emergencies in the community. 

Some of the activities.

  1. Physical orientation to the Fire station

  2. Our vehicles to include the basics including maintenance

  3. The equipment by call type (medical, trauma)

  4. Radios and communications

  5. Protocols and standard operating procedures

  6. Basic run procedures

  7. On call procedures and the use of the shared calendar

  8. Meetings and training


Emergency Phone Number: 911

Fax Number: (605) 763-2401


Mailing Address:

Beresford Community Ambulance Service

PO Box 469

Beresford, SD 57004

Billing Inquires:

Phone Number: (605) 428-6100

Fax Number: (605) 428-3393


Billing Mailing Address:

Dakota Ambulance Billing

PO Box 162

Dell Rapids, SD 57022

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