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The Planning and Zoning Commission meets on the second Monday of each month at the Council Chambers at 6:30 PM. They go through all building permit requests and discuss Planning and Zoning regulations within the City of Beresford.

Planning & Zoning Documents

Beresford Zoning Map (effective 8/2023)

Building Permit Application

Please stop in City Hall to get the

application or contact City Hall.

Appendix A Zoning Regulation

Appendix B Subdivision Regulations

Commission Members

Larry Bork - President

Mike (Chet) Borah

Lenny Hofer

Brad Muller

Stan Peterson

Building Inspector

Gary Roan

(712) 253-9115

Comprehensive Plan 2035

The Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for specific anticipated land use and growth- management policies and recommendations. It is designed to be a dynamic and flexible process to accommodate the changing needs of a population, yet steady enough to allow for reasonable long-term investment strategies by both public and private sectors. To the greatest extent possible, future planning for the City of Beresford ought to involve the public, other governmental agencies and elected officials throughout the planning and implementation phases.

The Beresford City Council has adopted this document in accordance with state law. In developing this Comprehensive Plan, the Beresford Planning Commission has used background research, detailed inventories and assessments, and discussion sessions at Planning Commission and City Council meetings and public hearings. This Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide the City of Beresford in its implementation of zoning regulations, subdivision regulations, capital improvements plans and other related policies as deemed necessary by the City Council and Planning Commission.

Beresford Comprehensive Plan 2035

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