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The Administration Department is here to serve you.  Our duties are mainly related to overall city administration, so if you are unsure which department or individual to contact for assistance, the Administration Department is the place to turn.

Beresford City Hall is located at the corner of 3rd Street and Main Street in Beresford, South Dakota.  The building is one of the many historic buildings in the downtown area.  Formally a bank, the building was transformed into Beresford's City Hall in 1979.

 Beresford City Hall is the "heart" of the operations of the City of Beresford.  It is the one place where you go when you become a resident of Beresford. 

 Beresford is unique in that it owns and operates it's own electric and telephone departments, along with all the other services that the city provides.  For Cable, Telephone and Internet Services, a stop at city hall will get you connected to these services. 

Beresford City Hall is also the Office of the City Administrator.  The City Administrator position was added in 1999 to enhance the operation of the City of Beresford.  The City Administrator operates the day to day operation of all city departments and reports to the Beresford City Mayor / Council members.  

Services of
City of Beresford City Hall

Issue Building Permits
Meeting Hall for City Council
Meeting Hall for City Regulatory Boards
Accounts Receivable / Payable
Location for Payment of City Owned Utilities
Register to Vote
Organization of City Council Minutes
Issue Dog Tag License
Office of Finance Officer 
Office of City Administrator
Utilities Hook-up Location
Telephone / Cable Hook-up Location
Telephone / Cable Equipment Sales
Cable Channel 8 Information Site